Tanzania safari prices start from 200 USD per person per day and range from 1000 to 1500 USD per person per day depending on the type of Tanzania safari tour you choose. The cost of a safari in Tanzania is not as high or even low as you think. However, when you travel with Ro Scavenger Safaris Limited you have no right to complain. Our tours and tour packages are the most accessible and we offer tailor-made itineraries for all of our travelers to suit their needs. We get frequently asked in Tanzania Safari FAQ or questions from our customers: How much does it cost in Tanzania? The answer is very simple, the impact of your trip to Tanzania will be determined by the type of accommodation you choose. We offer budget/intermediate periods, modest luxury accommodation and of course high end hotels/camps. The time of your trip to Tanzania also determines the travel price, as well as the total number of people traveling in your group. The time you allocate for Tanzania safari tours will determine your travel expenses in many ways. If you are planning a budget trip, you can choose a shorter time window. Not a bad idea, because in just four days you can visit three great national parks and enjoy unforgettable offers. However, the long journey is more fruitful as Tanzania has so much to offer and it takes up to a week or more to reach all the magical places of this East African country. Whether you choose a luxury home or a budget one. The accommodation determines the price of your trip in detail. From budget to budget accommodation, from tented camps to villas, there are different types of accommodation in Tanzania to suit every budget. Your travel expenses allow you to reduce the number of people traveling abroad at a significant cost per person. A solo trip to East Africa can be expensive. So it’s a good idea to think about traveling with a family member or friend to split the cost and make the trip cheaper.