Climbing Kilimanjaro is a very special kind of adventure that goes beyond a traditional vacation. Unlike popular beach breaks or easy hikes, climbing Kilimanjaro requires some preparation. After all, this adventure takes hikers to Africa’s highest point at 5,895 m / 19,340 ft. Often the highest altitude many climbers have reached, this trip is truly an adventure of a lifetime. In this way, adventures on Kilimanjaro are dangerous and, unless the trekking group is made up of professional guides and equipped with the appropriate equipment, trekkers are exposed to certain risks related to altitude.

Please note that proper equipment is essential – you cannot climb Kilimanjaro in your usual hiking clothes.

There are other important moments to keep in mind as you prepare for this amazing adventure in the heart of Africa. Contact us at to summarize the most important tips for a smooth and successful adventure on Kilimanjaro.