Classification and comparison of Kilimanjaro tour operators and climbers as
The Kilimanjaro tour is a unique journey.
It’s a trip, both fall, money spent.
This is a trip to a part of the world where you may not be the best.

And it’s a journey that, if arranged by an irresponsible or incompetent Kilimanjaro tour operator, can quickly become dangerous and even life-threatening.

Now you might think that all Kilimanjaro trekking companies are responsible and knowledgeable.

So they need to be full registered by the park authorities, right? And all mountain guides have to have a license, right? It will also ensure that everyone you go out with is at least safe, right?

Don’t think anymore! There are hundreds of operators that offer Kilimanjaro tours. we will only entrust your life and money to a small number of them.

Tanzania is a typical African country and its regulations exist only on paper. There are a million loopholes and evasion strategies. The people who enforce the rules are not wealthy. Cheap Kili tour operators can bribe them for any need that costs you money to keep their prices to a minimum.

Security isn’t the most dramatic of issues, but it’s not enough.