To climb Kilimanjaro in safety and comfort, you need to bring important equipment and supplies. To prepare you for the climb, we’ve put together a complete Kilimanjaro packing list.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro encompasses five major climate zones, from warm, humid forest and lower slopes to the extremely cold summit zone, with glaciers, ice and snow. You need to be prepared for all weather conditions on Kilimanjaro: sunny, windy and rainy.

We provide tents, camping gear, food, cooking equipment and other shared items. Get a canvas bag with all your belongings, carried by the porters; and bring your backpack during the day of trekking.

If you are packing your bags for your excursion, it is important to plan your clothes well. We advise you not to forget to bring with you:

upper base layer
lower base layer
4-5 pairs of underwear
3-4 short sleeve
1 x Insulated Hiking Pants
1-2 long-sleeved trekking shirts
1-2 pairs of trekking pants
1 x Insulated Winter Coat
1 Polartec fleece jacket
1 stiff coat
pair of walking poles / sticks