Tanzania invites tourists to discover the most beautiful wild Africa in all its glory. With some of the highest peaks, oldest cave paintings, miles of beautiful sandy beaches and an immense variety of wildlife, this country is one of the best places on the continent. On a trip to Tanzania, travelers can climb Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain on the African continent; go on safaris in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and see incredible wildlife; Try scuba diving in Zanzibar and enjoy bird watching in Lake Manyara National Park. Wildlife viewing is the main activity here and there is no better place to experience this East African country than Serengeti National Park. The annual wildebeest migration, which attracts millions of tourists from all corners of the world, is an awe-inspiring sight. Zanzibar is known for some of the most beautiful coastline, sand and waves and exceptional marine biodiversity. Couples can choose this place for a romantic getaway, while adventurers can indulge in a variety of sporting activities. The Menai Bay Conservation Area is a sea turtle sanctuary on the south coast of Zanzibar. When vacationing in Tanzania, tourists must definitely include these places in their itinerary. Blessed with a variety of natural destinations, this country has become a premier attraction for those seeking the very best in ecotourism. Pemba is a popular place near Zanzibar, famous for its green hills and valleys, streams and ponds, agricultural plantations, mangroves and unique culture.