It’s one of the best times to travel to Tanzania for both safari and beach holidays, however, the southern parks are particularly good.

Storm clouds gather and the first rains usually arrive in late October. The reindeer move south again; Climbing Kilimanjaro remains popular throughout October; and wildlife sightings are excellent, with little vegetation to hide high-quality sightings. Tourist numbers are significantly lower in the middle of the season, which makes the most popular tourist spots even more attractive.

Mahale Mountains National Park is fully accessible at times like this, so seeing the chimpanzees is a priority. Lake Tanganyika is also warmer at this time.

Take advantage of Katavi‘s arid landscape and seasonal lakes and rivers before the rainy season begins in November. Most of the wildlife congregates near the Katuma River, providing the opportunity to see a variety of wildlife in a small area. The national park also offers spectacular views of elephants in the open plains where large groups congregate creating an interesting atmosphere.

October is the best time to visit Arusha National Park and, if you wish, climb Mount Meru. However, wildlife viewing is not much appreciated at this time of year, but hyenas and leopards can still be seen in the morning and evening.