April is the month in which the longest rainy season hits Tanzania. Grass grows faster and dry and dry soil absorbs moisture with interest. Rivers are boiling and wildlife is thriving.

In the Serengeti, pastures and sailors improve vegetation with plenty of food. Calves are getting stronger day by day and mobility is dispersed in the southern and central regions with animals, especially wildebeests being dispersed by heavy rains. The big cats of the Central Serengeti take the opportunity to enjoy a buffet of mules and zebras that spend a few months roaming in and out of the area.

It may be very rainy, but it is usually short-lived from one hour to two hours, which allows most campers to work as usual. Most mobile camps close at this time of year when they make a trip from the South and relocate, however with permanent lodges and a few mobile camps that remain open, there are opportunities for visitors not only to benefit from other discounted offers. (over 50% in some cases!), but also enjoying the endless plains of East Africa with very few visitors than at any other time of the year, though most tourist are taking advantage of low and discounted rates.