Accommodation on safari in Tanzania During your safari in Tanzania, you will most likely stay in different accommodations and most likely only in a hotel in Arusha or Moshi when you make the safari of Northern Tanzania, also in Dar-es Salaam when you make the safari in Southern Tanzania. The other place is in Zanzibar where you will stay in a hotel in Stone town or in a hotel or Resort on the beach.

On your landing in Tanzania and if you are via Kilimanjaro International Airport and staying in and around Arusha, we can offer you a stay at a city hotel or safari lodge based on your inclination.

During your Tanzanian Wildlife and Culture Safari as part of your visit, you will most likely be staying in a safari lodge or tent camp / lodge.

Most importantly, it gives us a chance to demystify the view of numerous individuals that tent camps are less costly than hotels. This is a lie. Hotels and tent camps all go under the same guidelines, classes and costs as well. The main contrast is style. While lodges are naturally block and mortar, i.e. they are really rooms and structures with walls, tent camps are tent rooms and houses created by the campaign.