Ro Scavenger Safaris Limited knows that some customers enjoy a more intimate relationship with like-minded travelers, while others enjoy the excitement of free events or vacations. Our 2021/22 Tanzania trips are divided into small or large group trips and bespoke independent trips, with a range of 4×4 and / or ground jump options.

Tailor made safaris in Tanzania are independent travel as you can choose camps and lodges and we will tailor your tailoring program according to your wishes. All of our independent travels work individually, but you can travel with resolute guests on light flights and travel.

Small / large group trips to Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda offer a relaxing experience with experienced local drivers / guides and the best accommodation to choose from. We only use guest vehicles for Ro Scavenger Safaris with a maximum of seven people per vehicle and a guaranteed window seat is a MUST. If you like the look of one of our small or large group trips but prefer to have your own driver / guide, you can choose to follow a pre-arranged schedule but in private.

A 4×4 trip to Tanzania with an overland trip is one of the most memorable events in northern or southern Tanzania. By the way, the mile is a very long one and the road conditions can be bad at times, but you will be able to see more countries and sink into the landscape. We adapt our 4x4s because they are more comfortable and benefit us especially in the rainy season and in bad road conditions.