April continues the long rainy season and just like March sees lots of clouds and rain everywhere. The parks to the south and west have more humidity during the rainy season, so it can get a bit uncomfortable. These are also the areas where hotels and hostels are likely to close or offer discounts due to inclement weather. Lodge safari & Zanzibar Accommodations are also available for almost half the price this season, giving you excellent value if you decide to travel during this time.

Despite the rains, this time of year is the favorite for some safari travelers. Parks are often devoid of other travelers but teeming with animals that make the most of the abundant water resources. Animals are harder to spot due to the flowering foliage, but predators and herbivores abound. The southern and south-eastern parts of the Serengeti generally have wide open plains with little tree cover at all times, so game viewing is good here even when it rains.

The wildebeest return to the northern areas in April as the young are now only a few months old. As long as you have the right gear to keep your camera dry, you should be able to take great photos during this time.