Rise and listen to the call of the birds flying in the Ngorongoro Crater, or perhaps the first rays of the sun lighting up Mount Kilimanjaro. These are the timeless attractions and sounds of the Serengeti, and on Expeditions Travels in Tanzania mark the start of an exciting day. The trips have some of the best guides on the continent, who expertly uncover many of the wonders of your destination. Whether you witness an endangered black rhino calmly grazing or thousands of mules and zebras roaring across the plains during the Great Migration, High Caravans takes you right into the action on a trip to Tanzania.

At the top of the caravans, climb Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, while discovering the incredible biodiversity along its most spectacular trails. Tanzania is full of wildlife park options, including the vast Serengeti National Park, the spectacular Ngorongoro Crater, and the wildlife-rich Tarangire National Park. Tanzania‘s diverse Ro Scavenger Safaris programs also bring you many cultures to this region, from the Hadzabe, the people of the jungle in Africa, to the proud Maasai. Many of the Ro Scavenger Safaris trips go beyond regular Tanzania travel by including visiting Expeditions Philanthropy charity projects. After a day of eye-opening events, relax in Africa’s finest guesthouse or, on select Expeditions Tanzania summit holidays, retreat to the prestigious Expeditions mobile tented camp.