To be safe and comfortable while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, you will need to bring the necessary equipment and supplies. We have put together a complete Kilimanjaro packing list to help you prepare for the climb.

The Kilimanjaro trek involves five main climate zones, from tropical forests, humidity and low slopes to very cold summers with ice, ice and snow. You must be prepared for all weather conditions on Kilimanjaro: sun, wind and rain.

We offer tents, camping gear, groceries, kitchen equipment, and other common items. You have your bag and all your gear handled by porters; and bring your backpack during the day of the trip.

When packing to plant, it is important to plan your clothing correctly. For this reason, we recommend that you pack at least the following:

base top coat
base underlay
4-5 pairs of underwear
3-4 short sleeves
1 x Insulated Planting Pants
1-2 long-sleeved shirts
1-2 walking pants
1 x Insulated Winter Jacket
1 x polartec leather jacket 1
1 hard jacket.